My journey into Orgasmic Meditation actually began at birth. I was born with a birth defect, Spina Bifida, and because of this I have reduced sensation from the waist down, and no feeling below the knees. “Regular” sex has never been part of my programming.

I had heard about OM from some friends in the dance community, and had absolutely no interest. My objections ran from “I’m going to do what for how long? Why would I want to do THAT? What about my cock?” I resisted for over a year. But they were PERSISTENT.

I finally relented and went to my first TurnOn. I got so triggered by the sensations and the thousands of new questions that flooded my system, I ran away like a bat out of hell, vowing never to come back. And yet I did, the very next week. And kept coming back, every week, for a year.

When I finally did take the How To OM class, I tried to leave halfway through. I was gently coaxed back in. Three years and hundreds of OM’s later, it’s pretty much a daily practice and I’m studying to be an OM coach. The practice has totally blown away my preconceptions about my body, other bodies, sex, and what is possible in the realm of feeling, both emotional and physical. I have learned connection on a level I never even knew existed. It’s touched a part of me that I thought would never be satisfied.

Through OM, I’ve learned it doesn’t need to be; it just needs to be felt.