I started OMing in February 2016. I heard about OMing from Ilene Fischer from Boston and Henrik and Cynthia of Phoenix. I researched the practice for a year before starting. I had a lot of judgement around it, but the more I read, the more that I wanted to try it. I went often to the OneTaste.us website. I was most impressed with the benefits that practitioners reported. I watched videos of Nicole Daedone and joined in on the weekly calls. I talked with Henrik and Ilene often. I took one lesson with Henrik and Cynthia via Skype, but I knew that I really wanted to learn the remainder in person. I was ready to make a trip to Phoenix, find an OMing partner and learn in person.

Henrik then told me that he and Cynthia were offering a course called Introduction To OMing on February 28, so I arranged my schedule, stayed at a friend’s house and attended the ITO. I was really nervous, especially the week leading up to the ITO. I got very little sleep and as a result was irritable and anxious. My greatest anxiety was around asking for an OMing partner the evening of the iTO. I was in yellow and red for most of the day. I was really impressed with the support I got throughout the day. During breaks several Onetaste people (BOH) came and sat with me and talked to me for a good amount of time. I remember that just before the demo of OMing I had to go to the bathroom in the worst way and Henrik saw me heading for the stairs. He told me to wait until after the demo; that I did not want to miss that. So I stayed for the demo and first OM. I was one of the last to find a partner.

I see OMing as a spiritual practice. When I OM I travel deep within myself. The more attention I place on the practice, the deeper and more expansive I become. It has been very pleasurable for me. I find that the lighter the touch and the more I focus the more sensation and expansion I experience.

I feel more connected to my inner needs and desires and feel more connection and intimacy with others. I find I can focus more now than I did before OMing. I notice that I’m able to plan with greater clarity. My intuition has grown and I can surrender to the flow of life and take things as they come with less judgement and less attachment to the outcome. There are days when I’m so full, giving, and loving. I feel liberated, balanced, nourished and have a greater excitement for life. In the words of Ken Wilbur, “once you’ve had one taste of the Divine, nothing else will do and you’ll do anything to get it”.