As a kid, I felt scared a lot. Scared and weak. There was a lot of sadness and the feeling of not being good enough. I would berate myself a lot. "Why are you so awkward?" "Why can't you talk to people?" "Why are you such a pussy?" That kind of thing. I took pride in being a loner, like a video game protagonist. I learned to be too tough to show emotion. It persisted into my adult life, where I was the disconnected boyfriend, the unfulfilled employee, the party animal who couldn't remember half the night before.

Then I found OM, and my life changed. I learned how to be vulnerable, even when it was scary. I learned how to be truthful, even when it was painful. I learned how to trust myself, and how to live for myself and my purpose. I learned how to feel alive and how to be grateful for everything that enters my reality. How to turn tragedy into legend. And I'm so grateful.