I came into this practice not knowing exactly why I was called, but rather that I knew I needed to take a peek at what was happening. I viscerally understood the philosophy that was carrying the practice, and my logical mind couldn't quite fathom the how, why, or the what.

After studying different yogic traditions, make larger life choices in the direction of awaking, I knew there was a piece missing. I had just moved back from living in Spain for the summer, and met someone I felt an automatic deep connection with. In the beginning we navigated our reciprocated emotions well, and there came a point where I felt something I'd felt most my life. I couldn't actually articulate what I was feeling, and what I wanted to him. I knew we could be greater than a typical relationship but I didn't know how to actually get there.

After seeing him and feeling so stifled by my lack of clarity around emotions and desire, I decided it was time to find an appropriate sexual trauma therapy. Glenn died in a freak accident just a few days after I realized I needed help. From that moment on I was determined to find the right teacher and outlet for this pent up desire for intimacy and emotional expression.

A month later I found myself in the Intro to OM course. The way I experience my Life now is by taking each lesson, moment, person, feeling, and desire at a time. Using no judgment at all, I can feel what I'm being called to do. I have a closer connection to God through slowing down, and getting to know myself. When I feel myself there’s no difference from what my desire is, and my desire is simply the force that God runs through my vessel. When I act on my desire I am acting on God's will for my soul's purpose.

I have not found any community or teaching that makes me feel as safe, as loved, and as perfect as OneTaste. Every single time I get messy I'm met with approval. I'm discovering all of me, not letting any rock go unturned, and as this discovery happens in community, I'm able to express it and become whole again. My desire leads me to the next step, and from my OM practice I can now actually have it, and hold it. RIP Glen Amato 11/6/15