I OM because I have no other choice. Well, that’s not true, but why would I chooses to go back to living life in black and white after I’ve experienced it in technicolor?

I came to OM after the ending of my 11 year relationship with my ex-wife. The last seven years of which we didn’t have sex. I was so much in love that I was willing to do anything to stay in the relationship. Even if that meant tamping down my desire until I felt dead inside. I was walking around going through the motions of living, and feeling nothing. After our divorce I was resigned to never having sex again. That seemed reasonable since I believed that I no longer wanted it. Then things began to shift a little.

I started noticing that I was feeling some attraction towards men again. I started engaging in online dating and quickly noticed that that behavior was not feeding me. I was starving for connection.

I met a woman at an event who told me about OM and I went to a class and tried the practice. Things began to shift quickly. My desire began to open up. I realized that I had a very large appetite for sex. I learned to ask for what I wanted. I learned to put my own exquisite attention on the sensations in my body and to begin feeling again. I learned that by being in approval of my self, my desire and my appetite, I could have so much more. It was as if everything looked, felted, smelled, sounded and tasted so much more.

I finally felt as though I’d come back to life. My connections to my daughters and my self felt so much stronger. Now I’m not starving anymore. I’m living my life from a place of fullness. And that’s a choice I make every day.