Prior to OM I exhaustively sought thru people, places and things outside myself to feel connection which led me to feeling empty, stretched and worn out. I often spent my days operating off of stress and adrenaline followed by a hard come down. I would come home from work so depleted and fried I had nothing left to give the growing children I desperately wanted to connect with.

When I started to OM I immediately felt more connection in my relationships, my surroundings and all of life.I began to cultivate a life force of orgasm within myself that had every part of me alive and awake. I felt nourished and full in a deep sustaining new way. I found myself parenting and connecting from a place of full. I intuitively became aware of others desires as well as my own.

As I continue to implement OM as a daily practice I expand my capacity to feel, generate and discover more of myself and the world around me. I am waking up more and more each time I OM to a deeper sense of purpose, connection and relating. I am living the life I always desired.

I am Melissa and I OM.