My name is Meenal, and I OM. At age 48, I found myself hitting yet another roadblock in reawakening my libido after 2 assaults that had occurred decades ago. You name it. I had tried it. From Masters & Johnson to hormone treatments to psychotherapy to acupuncture to Tantra to somatic experiencing to sexual qi gong. Don’t get me wrong. Each would open another piece of the puzzle that was my body, but none of them had led to a climax.

I had been married to an extremely loving man for 27 years. Our relationship was deep and tight on every level, except sexually. We had recently retired, so all of a sudden, I had freedom on every level imaginable. And I could no longer hide from this noticeable absence in our lives. If I couldn’t commit to getting to the bottom of this now, then it would never happen. But I didn’t know what was the next step to take.

And then I heard talks by Nicole Daedone and Joanna Van Vleck. Something inside me sparked alive. What struck me the most is that the focus of their talks was NOT on a woman’s libido. Rather, they were describing a state of exquisite sensation and depth of feeling available through OM, from which enhanced libido was just one of many side benefits. I felt an undeniable, visceral “I WANT THAT” emerge from deep within my usually silent body.

Fast forward one year. Within a month of starting to OM with my husband, I felt my body go into involuntary shudders, while waves of sensation rolled up my torso. I was caught up in such a profound feeling of gratitude and love for my husband at how far we had travelled on this path together that I completely forgot about that climax until later that day. My rich, close relationship with him became even more alive as I found myself making abrupt right turns, when I could inexplicably sense myself moving down an old path that would inevitably lead to head butting with him. I could sense where I was headed and I wanted a different outcome, so all I could do was make a different choice and trust.

Today, I am on the brink of turning 50. More alive, vibrant, sexy, loving, playful. All because I am seeing myself through a freer, clearer and more loving lens than the protective one that I had been using since those long ago assaults. More frequently than I ever dreamt possible, if I pay close attention, I can feel my body begin to hum when my husband walks into the room and smiles at me. If I have to have a mid-life crisis, I’ll take this one!