When I first started to OM, everyone was complimenting me on my haircut. I hadn’t had a haircut, but there was obviously something different about me. When I began my exploration of OM, I was in a dark place- unfulfilled relationships, job dissatisfaction, money worries and high stress. I could almost feel the energy drain in every room I entered. I clenched my teeth at the world, wallowing in self-pity. I was that guy yelling at Dennis the Menace to get off his lawn. After only a few weeks into the practice I have recently been told that I add energy to a room now, that I am brighter and transmit more joy. Through the practice of Om, I have opened myself up to a new world of feeling and self expression. I have learned to understand my own emotions. I can feel the subtle shifts as anger or sadness begin to well up and before it overpowers my judgment. I feel happiness and joy in an acute new way. I can tune into other in ways I haven’t before I started to OM. I can sense the nuances of shifting temperament in the people I interact with. I am no longer that cranky muppet in the balcony. Now I am seen as a person who is accessible, generous in gratitude and overflowing. I have so much more energy, more exuberance and more connection. I am able to navigate the emotional rollercoaster of everyday problems with more strength and well balance without falling into overwhelm and self-pity. Through Om, the world for me has become a more comfortable and joyous place to helm.