OM is why I wake up in the morning. Exercise and other factors have me up before dawn and out the door about 7am. But, philosophically, OM is why I get out of bed in the first place. I had a nasty car crash summer after my junior year at college, all my school friends were moving on as I was trying to settle back in. Those stories, people wish they stayed in college forever—they mean they wish their friends stayed too. I expected to return to fraternal and to club sport communities at school, but both welcomes wore out quickly after my return. I was unconnected. It hurt. I needed community, and couldn’t find it in school. I couldn’t find connection in local dance groups, church groups, special interest clubs, any of the places I was looking. Then I found it in OM. The OneTaste community was very welcoming to me, and my local center felt like a very safe space. In my first visit, I was asked if I also wanted to learn the practice—I did. I wanted to learn everything about it, so I could extract the benefits of Orgasmic Meditation into my own sex life. That isn’t a concern for me now, but I do receive benefits to my sex from OM. This practice taught me to share the kind of exquisite attention a woman craves in her life. More importantly, though, I have a community now and I have a practice, I’m surrounded by openness and vulnerability. It feels so good for people to let themselves be seen. It gets me out of bed in the morning.