I OM for the deeper thing.

30 years of pain, emotional, physical and spiritual. Attracting all the wrong people into my life. When I was told about OM, I said, I don't need that! I already know how to touch pussy! Boy, was I wrong. During my first OM, I couldn't even look at the genitals; it was too confronting for me. For how much exposure I had with vagina, I was left in mystery with my inability to look at the genitals and locate the clitoris.

With practice, repetition, and the 15 minute container of OM, I cultivated the ability to focus my attention and stay on the spot; two things I had much difficulty doing in the past. It has translated over into my life: in my relationships and my coaching practice. I can put my full attention on the person, not only on the words that they are saying, but what they are actually feeling. Most importantly, I now feel my body and put my attention on myself, my inner desires, and expressing them no matter what the risk is on the outside.

OM has given me career of my dreams, delicious and messy relationships, and the ability to move through any obstacle that stands in my path. This was only possible with the practice and with the support of this amazing community.