I went to OM after 2 years of crying after a separation of my 9 years marriage, at that time the worst question anyone could ask me was ""what do you want?"" i felt like in hell, i did not know, Honestly, i just did what anyone want to do, follow the group, my partner, the dog, anyone but me!

I was alone, shy, i was longing for a relationship with mew people, i was afraid to do it and i did not know how to.

When i knew what om was all about, i saw it was a great opportunity to meet women and have sex. Well, that did not happen.

After my first OM, i remember feeling, happy, in peace, present. I walked the streets experienced life in HD, the colours were brighter, sounds were sharper, i felt the sun and the soft breeze in my face, my senses were enhanced with a big smile on my face that i had not experienced in a long time.

My objective was fulfilled, meeting women and having sex, the friend who told me about om became my partner and my practice became erratic. I did not want to om. We had problems in our relationship as i was repeating my previous behaviours from all my past relationships into her.

After we broke up, i chose to go back to om but this time i went for the sake of the practice with no hidden agendas.

As a consequence of regular practice, i started feeling energize, cleared in what i want, feeling my body, starting following my desires. My partner and i got back together with a set of skills, improving our communication and strenghen our connection.

I am taken risks now, i am a leader and i am love what i do, which it is helping others.

It took a leap of faith and the journey, totally worth it.