What the heck is this OM thing?

That was my first interpretation of it. However, I didn't realize that it was something that meant much more than a meditation practice. When I was first introduced to OM, I was writing my Master's thesis, was having relationship problems with men, and felt like I was on a different wavelength than those around me. In my moments of feeling overwhelmed and fed up, it is normal that I would turn to going out to party and drink a bit. However, I had outgrown that way of dealing with my problems. My interpretation of OM was that it was literally just a community of people that wanted a sexual experience together without calling it a form of sex. At the time, I couldnt digest how this would help me at all but as soon as the Intro to OM class was finished, I had began seeing it. I started feeling lighter, freer, and calmer. All of a sudden, I began feeling okay to stand on my own and let desire carry me. My relationships with people became more meaningful and it seemed as though I was attracting people that were on the same wavelength as me. Even my friends noticed that I was a completely different person.

Today, OM is apart of my life in so many ways. Not only is it my practice but it's also where my family resides. The OM community has supported me in every area of my life, ways that others can't. I chose to live a life of desire and now, I know who I am, what I'm capable of, and the writer of my own story.