I was fresh out of a ten year relationship. At work I began to notice a co-worker that seemed different. She had a new switch in her gait, a glow to her skin. She wore a sly grin. “What’s going on with you, lady?” I asked. She pulled me into her office and told me that she’d started this practice called Orgasmic Meditation. I was intrigued.

She wrote me a list of all the upcoming TurnOn events and I attended the very next one. I knew I had to have a taste of whatever she had. That night, I signed up for the next How to OM course. The class was enlivening and scary too. It pushed all of my edges. I liked that.

I should mention that I entered this world a very turned on woman. As my practice grew, surprising things began to happen. My ability to see and feel opened to a much deeper level, and I greatly improved my ability to communicate my desires and get them met. I’m now having only what I could describe as mind-blowing, face-melting, connected, regenerative sex. My level of attention on people has increased, which helps me in business, family, and in pleasure. I might add that often my desires trip over themselves to get to me. It’s crazy. It’s a miracle! It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to my health, my life and everyone in it.