And I love it!

As an advocate of radical, relentless, reconciliation, I have found in Orgasmic Meditation a “walk” to match the “talk” of optimal self-expansion. Looking for a shift in your life? Whether the shift you seek is sacred or simply satisfying, OM is the way!

There is nothing more calming, more connecting and more liberating than settling into the OM “nest” and exploring the beautiful and boundless world of orgasm. It’s exhilarating. It’s magical. It’s spellbinding to think of how such a simple practice can be so profound. I can try to explain the feeling. But my feelings are mine and yours will be yours. (Lucky you!) And as words are only words, they fail terribly each time I try to explain the experience of the sweet, shared surrender called Orgasmic Meditation.

You’ll have to settle into the nest and see – or rather feel - for yourself.

You might ask yourself can I “do that with strangers?” The short answer is “yes.” Furthermore, I say there are no strangers here. And there are no limits here. In this place you will always find more and more of your mysterious and sensual self.

You can imagine what it might be like. But you will find, I am sure, that there is nothing quite like it. And why imagine? The reality of orgasm – your reality in orgasm - is well within your reach. Touch it!