I found OM at a time in my life when I was exploring new possibilities in relationship and sex. Previously, I had been in a series of long term relationships, including one marriage, which all ended with me feeling dissatisfied, stuck, and lacking in sexual desire. I didn't know how to talk about how I was feeling. I usually didn't know what I wanted, and I certainly didn't know how to ask for it on the rare occasions when I did know what I wanted. In those relationships, I had been looking for fulfillment and approval from a partner, from outside myself. At my Intro to OM class, I was immediately struck by the vulnerable, open and honest communication I witnessed from the OM community members. I instantly wanted to be a part of this community that embraces possibility, willingness, and speaks truthfully. I felt connected to other people in a new way, a way that gave me permission to be my true self and feel approval from within. Through OM, I've tapped into my personal power, embraced my sexuality, and discovered a new level of my libido. The simple way of communicating requests and offers within the practice of OM has taught me how to ask for what I want in all areas of my life. I feel more connected to myself and others. I am finally having the relationships and sex that I want and previously didn't believe was possible. Thanks to OM, I have blossomed into a confident, powerful woman inspired to help others get free from their conditioning around relationships and sex.