I used to think my sex was broken. I was obsessed with climax, the masculine form of orgasm, which consists of an intense buildup and explosive release. Because I had to work so hard to climax, I became frustrated and angry with my own body. OMing, on the other hand, is built on the feminine model of orgasm, which comes naturally to me and unlocks my deepest vitality. My orgasm is now my power source, and not something to be forced or fixed.

I was first attracted to OM because of my hunger to experience a deeper, richer sort of sexual pleasure, and it turned me on to do something so progressive and edgy. What surprised me is that OM goes far beyond the obvious realm of sexual wellness; it stirs up and touches everything else you can imagine. Health, wellness, prosperity, relationships, communication, love, confidence, creativity, awareness, and self-esteem – orgasm moves through it all, obliterating obstacles along the way. What remains is a more authentic and refined understanding of who I am. I have less fear and more faith, and I have more access to my own inherent wisdom. Orgasm polishes me and continues to set me free.