Rose Mary

Before I ever heard of OneTaste, I had lived a pretty chaotic life. The long string of bumps, no potholes really, had left deep and devastating scars and impact. I hadn't lost a limb or been diagnosed with cancer or anything like that, but a near-30-year abusive relationship had wreaked a lot of internal havoc and damage. What I have come to understand is that the impact had woven itself into the very fabric of who I was, what I was, and most importantly, how I saw myself. My understanding of myself had become his definition of me. And it wasn't a good one. And I had bought it hook, line, and sinker. I had completely lost touch with myself. I no longer knew anything about who I was, what I wanted, or what I had to offer. A paralyzing and scary place indeed! I had done much personal growth work, through a 12-step program, for several years before being introduced to One Taste by my youngest son in February of 2016. That level of excavation had allowed me to begin to heal some areas, and I started allowing myself to have some adventures. I had forgotten (if I ever knew?) that life is desire-based; and I hadn't had a relationship with my desire in decades!

OneTaste has offered me many tools to get back in touch with what's really going on inside of me, break through some of the patterns and conditioning that have held me back or kept me stuck, and has opened my eyes to my life and the world again. I desire connection. I desire a life beyond my wildest imagination. I believe in an abundance of joy and energy and healthy relationships, quite possibly for the first time in my life. I have begun a journey of living fully in the moment, to the best of my ability; and that practice has taken my life in so many unexpected and exhilarating directions! This has brought with it much joy and excitement. It has also brought challenges and a willingness within me to step outside my comfort zone, which, I have found is where some of my fondest, most beautiful and meaningful moments happen!