Rachelle found surrender through OM.

My history with orgasm began at a very young age. Pleasure for me was natural and easy. That is, until I included another person in the mix. Then it got confusing and painful. I started having sex young, seeking something in connection that I didn’t know how to get without offering my body. My body was taken but my soul was never touched and I was left hungry and sad.

OM was a portal for me, a place where I finally have been felt, met, seen, and handled in various ways with various people in sex, in OM, and in life. I have gotten even more than I was looking for or thought was possible. I have an entire community of skilled strokers, verbally and physically. Living at that level of sight and feel is both deeply nourishing and deeply confronting and an absolute pain in the ass at times. Although, truth be told, being nailed with precision has my body relax and open in a way that I can breathe where I didn’t even know I had breath.

I have touched spots that have yearned to be touched and surrendered in capable hands time and time again. There is always a new layer opening, unlocking and unveiling something hidden. Diving into the mystery is the yearning of the soul to know home. In this practice, in this connection, we get to discover more keys to unlocking the realms we know are there. I have found home in OM.