I found OM when I hit rock bottom in my life. I was divorced, addicted to porn, needy, wounded and abandoned. I believed that the only way my partner could prove her love for me was through sex; and the only way I could prove my love for her was by providing her with material things. I was always looking for external validation to be liked or loved. In the process I changed my whole life, to fit what others expected of me and I didn’t even know my own true essence. I did not know who I truly was. I didn’t even know what I wanted. My body was rigid and I could not feel a thing. I was living almost like a caged animal.

I craved change and wanted to live my life fully. I wanted desperately to know who I was. Then I found this amazing practice.

At first I was confused - asking myself why am I doing this and what’s in it for me. Then I started questioning everything. Then I convinced myself to do this practice so that I would be liked and loved and accepted by my peers.

Then I realized that I was caught up in my own story that I am always seeking to be liked and loved and that runs my whole life. I realized that if I did not change, I would be stuck there forever. So I took the Coaching Program which helped me to identify the areas in my life that needed transformation and healing. I am sure there is lot of work to do, and it’s an on-going process.

Slowly I moved away from other peoples’ perception of me. I started to explore what am I feeling now, what I like, and what I don't I like. I allowed myself to listen to my body rather than to others’ perception of me. It was then that I found my true essence.

As a result of listening to myself and allowing my true self to be revealed, I had the strength and courage to start sharing this practice to my family members and close friends without worrying about how I or this practice looked to them. I allowed them to finally see my true self.

OM has been and still is a catalyst in my life. It’s my spiritual practice which is essential for my transformation in order to move on with fullness and power in my life. I can now feel love with no conditions attached. I can now find internal validation within myself. I am living my life fully now. I can't wait to spread this practice to all.

This practice allowed me to move from living like an animal to embodying my inner strength and living like a man. It allowed me to connect to others on a deeper level and it touches the core of my being and allows me to serve from that place.