Naomi found pleasure and fulfillment through OM.

The visceral whip crack of electricity coursing through my body when I see someone I fancy; the smooth, liquid warmth of snuggling with a baby; the rushes of heat and cold when consumed by passion; the moment when I’ve sealed the deal and everything looks more vibrant: I lived for these fleeting and short lived events -- chasing the highs, the peaks, the moment when I was in the moment. But they weren’t the norm; most days were dull. I felt dulled.

They say pain pushes until vision pulls, and there was an inner gnawing inside me: “Is this it? This can’t be it.” This inner gnawing led me to OM. I had all the external markers of success: my own business, a beautiful house, and a glamorous social life. Yet still I felt unfulfilled. What I discovered was that I was missing the felt sense of connection to myself and others, that those feelings I described above could be the way I felt all the time, in every moment.

18 months later and a whole new landscape of pleasure has opened up inside me. I have this indescribable feeling of fulfillment that is not linked to any outside situation. Family and friends constantly remark that they have never seen me so happy or felt so loved when they are with me. I stopped caring that I was single because I felt so damn good, and then of course it happened: I fell in love! Without even expecting it to, OM gave me everything I wanted.