Nadine let down her walls through OM.

Before I started OMing, the only thing that existed in my world was me and my goals, me and my purpose, and me and my needs. I was rigidly absorbed in doing and achieving, not together with others, but on my own. I was not so much a woman, but a powerhouse; someone who was using energy to push. I needed to create proof that I existed, mattered, and deserved to be in this world.

I didn't have many female friends because I wasn't really in approval of their behavior: they were too chatty and always asking for help, which to me meant "needy and weak." When it came to relationships with men, I lost my voice shortly after the initial excitement. I had no clue what I wanted or needed, and I didn't have the guts to speak my truth or anger, or to show what I really felt out fear of losing the connection. Relationships ended and I was left with my internal voice screaming, "Hey, don't leave, I haven't worked myself out yet!"

Then my OM ride began, and layer by layer, stroke by stroke, I began to feel more and I could see the walls that I had created around myself. Once I saw them, I was able to break them down with the help of the community. I started being pulled by desire, and I now have gorgeous friendships with women. What I thought was weakness turned into vulnerability, and vulnerability turned into strength.