​I am the person who does it because it feels right, and when OM found me, I was terrified. I was terrified that it felt so right. I told my partner - who introduced the idea to me - "I’m fascinated. But, I don’t think I can do that." Eventually, the feeling won.

When I started OMing and found myself feeling very little, I was convinced that I was broken. An inner knowing that 'more was possible' kept me coming back to the practice. After a few months of OMing, at a New Year's Retreat, my orgasm came out in an irreversible way. I found myself surrendering to the hands of another and in doing so, revealed a powerful, resounding, and consuming orgasm. I felt warm softness tightly wrapping around body. I felt like waves of thick, sticky, liquid were moving around my body. I felt shudders of electricity coursing through my extremities. I was alive and feeling.

Through OM, I have found wholeness in my body. I trust what it tells me and don’t deny what feels right. I connect with my intuition. I stay with myself even when it’s intense.​