Hi, My name is M and I OM.

From my first direct exposure five months ago, I’ve felt that OneTaste has a key to the primal reset, a repeatable way for individuals to tap into the Universal language of Life. Through OM I’ve begun to hear and honor my purpose in coming to Earth and inhabiting this body at this time. OM is a gift and tool that I’d like everyone on the planet to have access to.

About three months into my OM practice, I noticed many things had shifted and changed in my life, two being exceptionally profound and easy to define. I had been living these past handful of years under the influence of marijuana. One day I noticed that my desire to smoke pot literally vanished without a thought, or in any way trying to make it happen. I was clear headed and living a straight life instead of a stoned one.

The other thing that shifted was my relationship to my sex. Prior to OMing I was always crazy horny and needing to have sex, and because of this, I didn’t exercise the highest discretion in my choice of sexual partners. Since OMing my sex drive is still as high as ever, yet I am fulfilled in a new way and have a new level of respect for myself. I am having sex when I have a genuine desire, a recognition of chemistry, something more than just a shared moment. It’s more like what I envisioned sex to be when I was a girl. I have even allowed myself to fall in Love for the first time in my life.