OM has brought me more connection, more sensation in my body, more honesty and intimacy, and more desire.

Before OM I had had sex only 5 times in 25 years. I had been in a 30-yr relationship that had become sexless; the last 20 years I was a caregiver as her health declined from a serious illness that eventually killed her. After that, I was ready for change. I had no problem meeting women, but had no sexual desire, and had no idea how that could change. A friend told me about OM, and I thought, “I was born for this.”

The day of my first OM was the most humiliating day of my life, but I realized what a powerful practice it was, as it burned off a lifetime of humiliation in 15 minutes. I have learned that what I feel when I am with someone is real and not all in my head. I now know that my feelings are communicated whether I speak them aloud or not, and it creates previously unimaginable intimacy when I do speak them. I’ve also learned that I do have desires and can be in approval of them and of myself.