Kati learned that life is moving through her rather than coming at her because of OM.

Seven years ago, I came to OneTaste almost by chance. I was in a new relationship with an amazing man. After years of teaching yoga and Thai bodywork, my body's intelligence was expanding and my senses were coming alive in a way they never had before.

I expected OM to deepen my relationship with my partner, and it did. We spoke about things more (sometimes to our detriment!) More often than not, however, what we really needed was to connect in a space beyond words and analysis. We needed to OM. We got in that deep resonance where one of us could feel what was going on with the other 3,000 miles away. Whatever stories we wanted to tell each other, whatever version of ourselves we wanted to present, OMing always had it be that we could feel what was most true.

I didn't expect how much OMing would change the rest of my relationships, indeed the rest of my life. I got back in touch with my desire and learned to ask for what I wanted. I began to experience sex as coming through me rather than at me. It became second-nature to reframe other experiences in my life in the same way.

I feel much more empowered in my sex, my relating, and my life as a whole as a result of my daily OMing practice. I'm much more likely to see how I'm creating my experiences. I'm much more likely to find magic in the everyday world. I'm much more likely to say yes to connection, wherever it's found.