I came to OM after a sudden, painful breakup of a 6-year relationship. The past year I spent in and out of hospital with deteriorating health. I felt disconnected from the world, lonely and afraid, depending on my children to take care of me, too proud to ask friends for help.

After going to my first Turn On it was as if a hole had been punctured in a balloon filled with fog, and the sun had a chance to shine down brightly on my world again. I saw the world in a completely different light, my health improved and my energy was off the charts.

Since jumping into OM and actively doing the practices I have experienced what it is like to feel connected in an intensely deep way, surrendering and being held by others. As a mother, holding people has always been my job and I haven’t asked for help much in the past. I now know that this is not a weakness but actually a tool in staying connected in the most vulnerable way.

My friends and family have commented on the change in me and even my children are amazed at how present I am when I interact with them. I own up to my mistakes, I am learning to speak without charge or resentment, and I have clear boundaries when I communicate.

OMing as a practice has given me a feeling like I have finally come home, a deep satisfaction of feeling and surrender, while giving all of me.