Before discovering OM, I spent a lot of time feeling alone. I was immersed in my internal world surrounded by large walls and without much sense of self-awareness or my impact on others.

Sex was something I had to ‘get’ and I lost myself in relationships. A lot of my happiness was based on validation from women (who I wasn’t particularly adept in flirting with, connecting deeply or communicating my desires with - if I even knew what they were).

Through 3.5 years practicing OM, working on waking up and remaining conscious, I’ve reconnected to my inner power. Through putting attention on others, I have gained a greater sense of value and purpose. Also, through developing openness and vulnerability I’ve come to recognize that being sensitive isn’t a weakness, that boundaries are much more healthy than walls and that it’s safe to let people see me.

I’ve grown to understand what I want and become able to ask for it, gained insight into the male-female dynamics that exist in relationships and how to navigate them, and discovered what’s possible on an energetic level between two people and the various levels of connection possible in relationship.

I’m now able to choose how to respond to what happens around me and that having a go and doing your best is better than everything has to perfect be or nothing!