The first time I OMed I didn’t feel too much, but I overheard other women saying they connected to their power, and I knew I wanted that!

The fifth time I OMed, there was a moment when my partner held his finger still, and the pressure was so light I wasn’t sure he was touching me. Electricity poured through my chest and arms and down into my legs. In that moment, all I wanted to experience was what was: the present.

I grew up in a world in which female sexuality was seen as something to be shut down, locked up, and repressed. Each time I OM I am stepping into my body in the fullness of my sexuality as a woman, and sharing it with men who are open to receiving what I have to offer. It had been years that I had been cut off from my sexual power. To be given the gift of the return of my sexual power is priceless beyond belief.