OMing has brought me connection, relationship, and more capacity to live my life fully.

I OM twice daily with my boyfriend, whom I met shortly before I started OMing. Orgasmic Meditation has helped us bond because it’s a practice that we do together. It has intensified the good times, aided us in bad times, and helped us learn from everything. We came together wanting a relationship that would be more open and expansive, wanting our togetherness to overflow abundantly to those around us. OMing has helped us become the kind of couple we are proud to be.

My most important goal is to build a society that supports each and every person to reach their full potential. Orgasmic Meditation helps me be the kind of person such a humane future requires, because I am present in my body, grounded, open, and compassionate. I deal gracefully and constructively with a society that has values so different from mine.

OMing has opened the door to wider connection, putting me in touch with something all humans share. I look forward to the day when we can create the kind of inclusive, supportive, free communities that OM has given me a glimpse of.