Holly discovered the joy of electric sex through OM.

My sex used to be awful - it hurt to fuck and I rarely came. I'd just have sex until my boyfriend came - because that was my job right? Then, the day after I learned to OM, I had sex with my lover, Adam. I'd never had such electric sex in my life; I actually wanted it! I wasn't thinking about whether I could take it and I wasn't doing it for his pleasure. It was syrupy and buttery and warm. How could it be so different? Well, I had practiced asking for what I wanted in an OM, and that gave me the courage to do it in real life. I asked Adam to go slower during sex and I suddenly realized I could feel his whole cock. And when I didn't feel like moving, I stopped and felt strong pulses of heat between us. Then this animal urge swelled up inside me and I felt like licking his face. What was happening to me? This was definitely not appropriate. But I decided not to judge my desire and I licked his stubble! It was so hot!

Fast forward, and I'm not afraid to voice what I want to do any more (in bed, at work or with friends.) I'm lucky enough that someone invited me to learn how to OM, and I'm lucky enough that you're here reading my story. I want to ask you - would you like to learn how to OM? Your little voice of desire will always thank you.