With OM, I practice the art of asking for my desires, and this gives me a new freedom I didn’t think was possible.

In my ideal form, I am assertive, sensitive and comfortable in my body, yet I have noticed a pattern of denying my desires, finding it too vulnerable to face rejection and too embarrassing to admit what I truly want. This has caused me to feel disconnected from my body, my sex, and the people around me.

In January of 2015, I decided to change. Now each day I lie down in the nest and tune into my desires. And then I ask for them. Maybe it’s just to have my stroker go a little to the left. These simple adjustments make a world of difference in an OM and they challenge me to know what I need and then to verbalize it to my partner. I still have moments where I do not approve of what I want, but with OM I am practicing the art of asking, and this has given me a new freedom that I didn’t think was possible. I am learning to more deeply love and accept myself, and I am grateful everyday for giving myself the chance to improve.