My name is Eugenia and I OM. I live in a society of egos and goals, where faces are made and norms are established. I morphed myself to satisfy these conditions, only to become dissatisfied with my life and who I’d become. The formula of “Education + Job + Family = Happy Life” felt too rigid for me and the box that I had built for myself kept getting smaller with time. Every time I said that I wanted more, that I wanted out of that box, I was told that there was no other way.

I am unpredictable, changeable, sensitive, opinionated, and sexually free – I have been told that this is shameful and not acceptable. Our society shames the raw power of the feminine, which OMers call Orgasm. In an OM, I do not take control, and my power comes from surrender to what is. If fact, I consciously enter the OM as an adult to surrender. This is a place where I can’t hide or fake my turn on, as there is no goal to achieve. A place where I strip naked to my core, as it asks me to just feel and not think. It’s a place where I can’t run from my insecurities or shame, because it is as shameful as it can get.

OM is a place where I can fall out of control and feel handled. It’s place where I can connect at a most sensitive spot with another human being, even a stranger, and feel completely safe. OM is a place where the connection with that person is incontrovertible, unapologetic, uncensored, and completely free from all conditions. Every time I come to that place, I know I have to let go and surrender, for the sake of being seen. The more I learn to surrender in an OM, the more I surrender in life. The shame disappears and those who have been waiting for me across that line are standing strong with open and welcoming arms.