Before I was introduced to OneTaste, I felt like I had it all. Just out of the Army, I was making a ton of money, I had a baby girl, and my ex-husband chose to move to the same city to be close. And I knew from the military how much to treasure the freedom to do whatever I wanted.

I had money to invest in myself, and I started work with a coach, to look at how I could make my great life even more amazing.

And it became apparent, I was being held hostage by my inability to hold my boundaries, or claim space for myself. I remember arguing with my coach that there was no way I had time for 15min of anything, I didn't even have time to take showers. I was constantly catering to other people's preferences, and had an unwillingness to own my ‘no.’

Through a series of coincidences, I was able to attend a whole weekend immersive course at OneTaste, and my life changed. For the first time in two years I spent time on myself. I finally saw that I wasn’t serving anyone by putting myself last on the to-do list. I didn't have to live that way. There is a way to combine child-rearing with having what you want.

Through Orgasmic Meditation, I have learned that it is okay to get what you want–following your desire is fulfilling! Now I can own my no, say "No thank you,” and ask for what I’d like. And I've learned the value of a container - rules that help calm everyone and set expectations.

It has especially changed my relationship with my daughter, where instead of passively asking her if she wants to put on shoes, for example, I now can provide her the strong routines that let her have her experience, in the moment. Now she knows the routine and the rules. I'm no longer ragged and drained. I choose to own my life and my power.