Life always came to me pretty easily. From a young age, I knew how to play ‘The Game.’ Make friends. Hook up with a girl. Get by. I knew I could make it through life on my looks and social acumen.

But something within me stirred. I was lacking the nourishment of deeper connection, personal fulfillment, and awareness of what more I could be, do and have in this earthly body.

I was introduced to OM by a friend who couldn’t stop talking about it. After a little research, I dove right in. He was right.

OMing injected excitement, challenge, and intimacy into my life. It also demanded a level of attention, focus, and vulnerability I just couldn’t fake.

OMing is teaching me how to be more authentic with myself, and others. How to find the proper response in all situations and scenarios.

I discovered how much I was withholding from the world in order to look cool and collected. How my ‘Playing the Game’ was a sham to receive approval from society, but was in fact leaving me stifled internally. How much I was taking in all my relationships, and not giving back.

OM is this maddening game that requires one to be on the razor-sharp edge of presence, connection and response to oneself and others. There is no ‘making it’ through. There is no ‘getting by.’

OM has asked me to play a bigger game than I ever thought possible.