My Orgasmic Meditation practice began when I allowed myself to be curious. For the first time, I gave myself permission to explore, without judgment, that strong, underlying desire that had been with me for most of my adult life. Feelings of guilt, shame, and non-deserving had held me back from letting go in my sex and connection with others. In the wake was left a slew of disconnected relationships, a broken marriage, and platonic relationships wanting for deeper connection. I truly felt I was missing something.

Since starting my OM practice, my friendships connect on a deeper level, and I find that I have developed more capacity to remain present when emotions run high, such as in situations of intense conflict or sadness. This gives stability to the relationship, and I can remain present both for myself and the other person. This kind of presence helps me remember that I am OK, and that I don’t need to dwell on a future that is unknown.