I first heard about OM when Nicole Daedone came to speak in a Mama Gena course, and it was her deep presence that magnetized me enough to give the practice a try. During my Intro to OM class, I was struck by Nicole's words about how not having access to the extraordinary through language will atrophy our sense of awe. I felt reverence and a connection to God during the demo, and I knew I would be committed to this path even if I was afraid to try the practice. I knew I was safe and in the hands of powerful women and I could take my time.

Before OM, I thought I was happy with my busy life: volunteering in my women's group, working at a job I loved, and having a boyfriend who helped me look at my intimacy issues. I did not realize how scared I actually was of intimacy and how I could not really let people into the deepest places in me because I was scared of hurt and rejection. I didn’t have good boundaries and felt I would be exhausted with too many friends. Being a people pleaser and wanting harmony for others, I would give and give and not know how to receive or speak what I was really feeling.

I had always had a tendency to go along with what other people wanted. Through the mindfulness of OM, I learned it was safe to ask for what I wanted, and more than that, it actually improved my relationships and sex. I learned to listen to my body and recognize my inner wisdom when before I didn’t know how to trust my inner voice. My relationships are nourishing and all my communities are coming together. I feel bathed in love and no longer separate from others.

Before OM I was in my head a lot; now I am learning to listen to my body and integrate that wisdom. Before OM I could not see my pain or the places where I was unconscious. Now, after OMing, I am committed to alchemy and getting free in areas where I’m stuck, and helping empower others to do the same.