When I first heard about OM, I had been hiding behind my relationship for 5 years. I didn’t know what I wanted in my life and I felt incapable as a person. Anytime I was asked, “So what are you up to?” I’d find myself feeling embarrassed. I was walking through life as a shadow with an unworthiness that came directly from not showing up fully, and acting like it was somehow my boyfriend’s fault.

When my boyfriend brought up OM, I agreed to try it with him. A part of me agreed to do it to be “nice” to him, and I hid the fact that I could feel his ulterior motive to get more sex. Fortunately, he is an infinitely kind, tolerant, and steadfast man on a path of truth and awakening, so even as I was blaming him for my pain, we went together to the Intro to OM class in NYC. In that first practice Lab, I had the wildest experience of feeling 2 opposite things at once: complete fear of exposure, and the most familiar and deeply rooted sense of safety and “being home.” It was crazy!

After the class, we OMed every day, and I began waking up to myself. Whatever residue had been swept under the carpet of denial in my relationship, came up to be looked at and talked about. Every time I OM, a layer of my limiting beliefs is shed and I discover that what lives inside my body as Orgasm is a power greater than myself. Through OMing, I love my life and the people around me effortlessly and I share my joy with others, free of the fears and self-judgments that held me back before.