At the age of 55 I was looking for connection with men after a 15-year marriage where connection was based on deep co-dependency.

After a flurry of short relationships and no long-term ones in-sight in addition to no intimacy or sex for that matter, I bumped into a group of people on the subway that were buzzing full of energy. That energy was familiar, like meditation to me, and I wanted to know more. We spoke briefly and a young woman handed me a OneTaste card.

Then came 2 years of research. I began watching and listening to Nicole videos, and listening to the radio program that addressed women, men and how we show up in relationships. I really liked what I was hearing about this practice and how it shifted others in their relationships and with themselves. But even with having all this info and research, there was still hesitation.

The catalyst that brought me to this practice was a passionate evening with a man who would not return. And I was the woman who waited for him to return. The experience with this man brought me to the moment of self-realization where I realized I wanted to feel myself, feel my body, feel who I am. It was clear that in connection with another person I would clearly find that. I wanted to be and feel nurtured. I was actually very hungry.

After a week of waiting for this man, I signed up for the introduction class. It was time for me to take full responsibility for my hunger and not wait for a man to come and handle me. Today, I am more rooted in action and voice, asking for what I want, and most importantly having connection with myself where I don't ignore or runaway.