My name is Chelsey and I OM.

Orgasmic Meditation taught me who I really am.

A couple years ago, in the death rattle of a relationship that starkly revealed my codependence, I made a vow: I would do whatever it took to come to my next relationship as a whole person. I committed to all the necessary inner work; anything to fix the issues I knew prevented the love and connection I craved.

At some point in my flurry of workshops, programs, and books, I attended a TurnON. I had seen a video where TurnON participants were asked penetrating questions, and deeper parts of themselves were revealed. I hungered for the revelation that would explain my brokenness.

Instead of a groundbreaking epiphany, I found desire. Desire to know more, see more, and feel more. Desire to be as lit up and true to myself as the OMers I met. Desire to do this wild thing that made my body come to life and my mind panic. After months of mentally wrestling with my fears and limitations, desire won out and I learned to OM.

In taking up this practice I discovered something amazing: by learning to drop into my body and the moment, to surrender to exactly what is, I viscerally felt the thing I was searching for. The point was never to fix myself – to add or subtract till I was perfect for someone else – but to be me. Being whole is as simple as accepting all the pieces that are already there.

I have a new vow: I will do whatever it takes to be who I am. OM reveals, over and over, forgotten parts of myself. By accepting those newly uncovered parts, I get to live, connect, and love – as who I truly am.