My name is Caryn and I OM.

When I found Orgasm, my life looked great from the outside. I was rocking my fancy-sounding and well-paying job, living in my favorite city and constantly surrounded by friends and activity. Yet part of me felt restless and empty - I attributed it to lack of relationship and intimacy, which I thought would complete me. I was shut down and insecure around sex, feeling broken because my body didn’t climax like “normal” women, and unable to enjoy sex because I was so fixated on wanting to please my partner and look good for him. I thought Orgasmic Meditation would be a shortcut to fix my “climax problem”, so then I could have good sex, feel secure in a relationship, and be whole again.

Little did I know how much more the practice would give me. Yes, sex and relationship have completely shifted for me and both are now vibrant and multifaceted. I’ve learned to listen to my body and communicate what it needs to make intimacy nourishing and pleasurable. No longer am I stuck pining after a relationship, and I can now approach men from a place of fullness rather than needing them to touch a spot I thought was broken inside me.

Beyond that, the way I notice and navigate my thoughts and patterns, relate to other people and connect to myself are drastically different. How I appear to the world no longer rules me, and I can operate from my desires and feelings, instead of trapping myself in a box to look good for other people. My life is mine, and I’m able to be present to appreciate it and go with its flow. I’m infinitely grateful for how this practice opens me up and gives me the support to shed my layers and reveal my true self.