I began practicing Orgasmic Meditation purely for sex; I wanted to increase my wife's desire, so I could have more. Turns out my goal aimed too low. OM has expanded my human experience. I have pleasurable direct feedback in my own body that spreads outward from the tip of my finger.

The partnered experience is so big and nuanced that it keeps appealing me. When I am stroking I feel no barriers between us, no lies; we can feel the connection falter when either is trying to please the other.

I get to go to the emotional places in myself that I used to run away from, and my ability to stay present has come out of OM and into my relationship with my wife and those around me.

At first I don’t always like what see; the places where I am needy, where I use excessive force, or literally fall asleep in the face of intense argument. But I have found that just like in an OM, all I have to do stay present and connected. My small goals have been surpassed by far.