I entered into OM a tortured soul – an unworkable mix of sensitive, fearful, self-critical, and arrogant. Outside of my therapist and my parents, there weren't more than a handful of people who knew the contents of my mind or heart. I felt dark, repressed, and unfit for human consumption.

Years of monastic meditation had given me deep sight into people. It had also provided me the perfect escape from facing my fears around sex and gender, both of which were in the Queer category. After leaving the monastic life, I made only faltering steps towards sex and intimacy, despite years of self-work.

OM changed all of this. The practice flooded my body with positive, healthy energy that felt like a natural, side-effect free anxiety medication. I couldn’t believe how good OMing felt – and how easy it was for me to feel present and connected with people after the practice. It was like I could connect from an energetic fullness, instead of struggling to give when I felt fearful, hesitant, and hungry for love.

Through regular OMing and the loving, supportive community of practitioners, I’ve made progress in dismantling my defense systems, and after nearly a decade of inactivity, I've rekindled my sex. I feel more like a human being with a contribution to make in the world.