The other day I was at a bus stop and I had this fear pop up as three men approached me. I felt stuck paralyzed by the fact that they might do something to harm me. ""What should I do? Puff out my chest? Are they going to attack me? Be small. They won't notice me."" Thousands of thoughts of fear raced through my head.

Now, I'm a 5'10"" 190lb male with perfect rationality thinking that these men aren't going to harm me in the middle of broad daylight at a bus stop, but I found myself still feeling. I couldn't explain it. And it dawned on me. This is my feminine. This is what my girlfriends must have felt each time they squeezed my arm closer as we walked down the streets at night. I had no idea. I could not have felt anything like this before being in my masculine.

My relationships with women are deeper, I can be a lot more honest than I have in the past. Even just going up to someone and saying ""I want to makout with you"" and standing in the sensation and experiencing my desire fully.

To have this knowing, to have this understanding, to have this awareness. This is why I OM.

I couldn't keep myself busy enough I was making my girlfriends crazy at the same time making myself crazy.

I didn't want to go out to the bars and have my friends and I all go out and talk about getting pussy. And then go home and end up drunk at home alone or worse waking up the next morning where one or both of us goes home having buyers remorse.

Since OM my sex life comes from a more mutual agreement.