I came to OM frustrated and confused.

I thought I was a great partner to my girlfriend, when I had one, but I knew there was potential for relationships to be so much more. My sex life and relationships in general were not what I wanted them to be, and I was lost as to how to improve this area of my life.

I was a chronic masturbator and a failing life coach, regularly hearing myself giving advice about shit I had no fucking idea about. It pained me so much as I have a lot of integrity in many others aspects of my life.

I came across OM randomly on the same day I got fired from a job that I hated, in a career that I had squeezed the last ounce of joy out of.

The next night I went to my first TurnON. A few days later I was trained in the practice.

For the following three months or so with a regular practice, I had so much more energy and ignition in all areas of my life. An appetite for sex and connection rose that I had never experienced before. I had more energy than I knew what to do with and my mind sharpened and my heart softened.

I now have a new girlfriend who I introduced to the practice. The growth and connection we get from the practice means that I have all the opportunities to let go of my past and recreate my future in a conscious and empowered way.

I’m still a life coach and I use the practice and what I have learnt to guide my clients to have more of what they desire in their lives.