I initially came to OM to improve my sex life. I didn't know that I would find spirituality, a higher power, my purpose. All I had to do was learn to follow what feels good. The exact opposite of all that I had been taught!

I used to have ""ok"" sex but I knew more was possible. When I learned about OM I must say I was intrigued. It spoke to a place deep inside me that was hungry. I was hungry for a connection in my sexual experience that I could never fully get to. In fact that was true of all my human connections. I couldn't connect to me and so I couldn't connect to all the people I was supposed to be loving and serving. When I OM'ed for the first time in July 2012, I found that I was was full of shame and embarrassment about my body. It was super confronting. Now at 57 years old, sex is better than I ever imagined was possible. I ask for what I want and need. I listen to my body and cherish what it says. I am much more vulnerable in my relationships.

I now make my desire a priority. I play a lot more. I travel and have a life full of adventure. My work has taken a whole new direction. The more in alignment with my purpose I am, the more I love my life.