A friend of mine told me about OM and I was so drawn to it that I didn't ask any questions. I just knew I should be there.

This is an accelerated way to learn how to be. How to wake up. I much more quickly move through situations that are triggering.

So many subtle ways and beliefs have changed. I get to see my patterns and conditions and know them to be just that.

To see my own brilliance and fierceness with acceptance. My beliefs about who I am and who I am not.

I'm understanding how to put more attention on others so I can meet them at a different level than I could before. A place that is more deeply connected. It takes less time without the judgments I once had about myself and them. It's truly a sense of freedom. Self expression comes with less effort and at the same time my ego doesn't rail at the times when I'm not fully expressive. It's ok.

OM lights me up and smooths me out.

People doing this work are the most heartfelt authentic humans I've ever met and it's a joy being around honest people without judgment.