A couple months had passed since a major relationship break up when I made an uncomfortable leap into the unknown and attended a social gathering where many people who knew us as a couple would be. That night I met a new friend who invited me to Nicole Daedone's I OM talk later that week.

I left Nicole's talk feeling the electricity of being in the presence of so many turned on people at once. I was filled with that electricity and for the entire week I was in my flow state.
My desires, communications, and needs were magnetized to me and I was able to respond to it all, feeling it all with comfort. I knew then that I wanted to live an orgasmic life, Turned On, with purpose and clarity.

Since OMing, I have experienced living life in purpose to my desire. Being able to feel what I am truly experiencing in the moment with connection to others.

I am living the most fulfilling relationship of my life with my beloved by living life in principles of Orgasm. I am feeling more comfort and turn on in life during my lows cycles as well as high peaks. My connection and body sensations during sex are deeply felt.

Since OMing, I have experienced Learning through OM how to have better communication with my partner, with my daughters, and others. Learning to listen with attention. Recognizing what they are telling me that they want. Through these experiences I have also been able to feel more trust with men.

I experience life with comfort in the unknown and with clarity of my connection with others since I began my practice of OM. I am finding the pure expression of being Ricardo in the moment.