Hi! My name is Leszek and I’m a ex-lone wolf, i.e. I used to keep my emotions to myself and would never allow others to support me.

By the time I started oming, I had mastered many ways of withdrawing from people when in trouble. I had trained myself to deflect people’s attention off of me and not let them see me deeply and the emotional turmoil I suffered from. I lived ashamed of my emotional instability and depression and didn’t want to be witnessed in this spot by anyone. I was also reckless and didn’t want people to see the results my recklessness brought upon me. I feared judgement. I feared pity. I feared connection in the place I was in. I didn’t really love myself and I felt undeserving of the love of others. Hence, I resisted it. And so I simmered like that until I became sick and tired of being sick and tired.

OM has been gradually changing my life. Not only has it taught me to connect with people in places of high sensation, I have also learned the value and power of vulnerability. Ever since I started oming my relationships with both women and men have acquired more depth and meaning. After so many years of lone wolfing, my instincts still tell me to disconnect and isolate in moments that are difficult for me, but I’ve enough strength now to be vulnerable and expose my sensitive side to people and, in this way, I have found approval, acceptance, compassion, and love. Overall, oming has really expanded my capacity for connection and has made my life truly rewarding and worth living. I have learned to let love into my life.

Now I can proudly say that my name is Leszek and I OM.