I came to OM for a sexual awakening.

I spent most of my teens and early adult life living like a party girl. I drank frequently and was very promiscuous. I slept around because I was lonely. I would go home with random people because I didn't know how to connect. I knew I wanted touch, intimacy, and empowerment. And the only way I knew how to get it was through sex. I was living the life of a sex addict, So I went into celibacy for over two years. I wanted to wake up again, in a safe way. When I heard about OM from a girlfriend over dinner one night, I knew it was my wake up.

Since practicing OM, I have experienced my sexual awakening. And so much more.

In OM, my sex has woken up. My power is present and grounded. I have found my woman voice. I have stepped into the biggest truth of who I am. I have seen my desires and I am letting myself have them. I have the strength to do the work to become the woman I need to be to have all that I want. And I am sharing it all with the love of my life, a man who will hold me through it all.

I am receiving all this by simply laying in the nest everyday for 15 minutes and getting my clit stroked. It is an amazing life, and I am so grateful to live it.