I was asleep, starving, drowning. I lost who I was, what I wanted, what my purpose was. I had gotten to a point where I was so numb with fear, I couldn't even tell you how I felt if asked ""how are you?""

I got a coach, someone who came down into the hole with me. Someone who had been there before. A powerful woman who had made herself small to fit into society's version of what a good woman was. A mother, sister, daughter, a wife. All of these things I wanted and I wanted them to look different than they did to everyone else. And truth be told, I believe they wanted it different for me too. They could see my light dimming. Becoming dull, fading under repressed desire for more and resentment.

I started to OM. I started open to feel to thaw. I left behind my numbing agents: food, alcohol, TV, the fake smile. The world is a little brighter now. Through OM I started to wake up. To notice where I wasn't full, to notice where I pushed away the feelings and connection I was starving for.

The world started to glow. To become more shiny, warmer. The magic begin to appear to me again. I'm still stretching, expanding and learning and now I have a way to do it in connection. The world is heating up, it's burning and moving and alive. I am on fire and it flows through me and around me and fuels my life again. I'm not numb, I burn, I feel, I love, I cry, I create. I OM.